to love and to hold?

is it possible to love someone and not hold him or her – meaning not expect love in return and still be happy?

yes, it is possible but the pain will always be there.

but if you hold him or her and then comes the time that he or she wants to go, its going to crush you.

in that case, perhaps its better to always be in pain not having him or her. somehow you get used to it. you live in it.

otherwise, losing someone is synonymous to death of a part of you. and sometimes, rather most of the time, it takes a lifetime to recover and sometimes even impossible.

so how then can we love and be happy – in the real sense of the word? how can we love, be secured and contented? if its impossible, life means nothing at all.

i believe in love and its mysteries but its a puzzle, a struggle.

the greatest thing is to find that someone but it may take a lifetime.


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