In life we meet many people. Some for a few seconds during a ride in a bus, some for a few hours while waiting for a delayed flight. Some people we meet during conferences and meetings, and still some others in a party or dinner organized by friends, colleagues and acquaintances. Yes, there are many, many occasions we meet people of different races, religion, social status, beliefs and traditions.

However, among the thousands that we meet, only a few leave marks, and still only a number in our lifetime makes that connection with us – people who in a brief moment touch our lives and become part of it in one way or another through their thoughts, words, and gestures. Some encounters may ignite us to pose questions about the world, the social status quo and can even question our own existence. And then some can even inspire us to traverse new directions, look back or simply seize every moment of the present.

For these reasons, we have to always be ready and open to listen and feel because we may never know how one person can enrich us. Perhaps, it is a mistake to believe that in our lifetime all the people we meet will leave this kind of mark. They are rare and very precious.

Time will be the test of how one encounter with someone will affect us in this entire journey of life but somehow, you can still feel in an instant, in a snap if it really touched you in a special way. This is the greatest mystery and the beauty of it is that it can never be measured in any material sense, it is purely spiritual…

– inspired by Gonchi, Cliffor, Fatos, Elah, Phuong – my habibis
Torino, Italy, 2005


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