with a smile

Lift your head, baby, don’t be scaredOf the things that could go wrong along the wayYou’ll get by with a smileYou can’t win at everything but you can try

Baby, you don’t have to worry‘Cause there ain’t no need to hurryNo one ever said that there’s an easy wayAnd when they’re closin’ all their doorsAnd they don’t want you anymoreIt sounds funny but I’ll say it anyway

Girl, I’ll stay through the bad timesEven if I have to fetch you everydayYou’ll get by if you smileYou can never be too happy in this life

‘Cause in a world where everybodyHates a happy ending storyIt’s a wonder love can make the world go roundBut don’t let it bring you downAnd turn your face into a frownYou’ll get along with a little prayer and a song

Lift your head, baby, don’t be scaredOf the things that could go wrong along the wayWe’ll get by with a smileNow it’s time to kiss away those tears goodbye

– Eraserheads
Pinoy Rock

that corner

im back
here in my corner
where i was
where everyday
i was

here in my world
where i dream
many things
about the world
for the world

here i come back
again to work
to be part of the struggle
tryin to
live the dreams

and hopefully
help make the world
a little more

(though it appears
many times
chances are bleak)

in this world
each step is real
difficult and struggle
yet possible
and can be…

layers of cobwebs
hiding darkness
hanging cobwebs thick
protect, cover

cold, damp
squeaking loneliness
silent cries, longings
deafening silence

cobwebs – protection
from pricking heat
maddening storms
slapping thunders

but still
light yearns to show
enveloping warm

yes, it is open
yet it wants
to open, be open
to spread light and warmth

to be discovered
to be one with one.

cold air without winter
freezin night in the summer

longing for warmth
seeking for touch

missing you
feeling you

this is Christmas night
without you…

light my fire

embers burning
ashes moving
wind gushes
dust and gray
smoke fill the air

in the cold night
of December
free spirits
wandering souls

Shaman says:
all good wishes

fantasy is over
when something great
finish, over
thus sad

it is sad
but we move on
fantasy becomes memory
and memory embedded
become part of
you and me.