Ghost Story

I watch the western skyThe sun is sinkingThe geese are flying southIt sets me thinking I did not miss you muchI did not sufferWhat did not kill meJust made me tougherI feel the winter comeHis icy sinews,Now in the firelightThe case continuesAnother night in courtThe same old trialThe same old questions askedThe same denialThe shadows closing roundLike jury membersI look for answers inThe fire’s embersWhy was I missing thenThat whole December?I give my usual line,I don’t rememberAnother winter comesHis icy fingers creepInto these bones of mineThese memories never sleepAnd all these differencesA cloak I borrowWe kept our distancesWhy should it follow thatI must have loved you?What is a force that binds the stars?I wore this mask to hide my scarsWhat is the power that moves the tide?Never could find a place to hideWhat moves the earth around the sun?What could I do but run and run and run?Afraid to love, afraid to failA mast without a sailThe moon’s a fingernailAnd slowly sinkingAnother day begins And now I’m thinkingThat this is indifference Was my inventionWhen everything I did Sought your attentionYou were my compass starYou were my measureYou were a pirate’s mapOf buried treasureIf this was all correctThe last thing I’d expectThe prosecution restsIt’s time that I confessedI must have loved youI must have loved you


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