Today is Women’s Day and perhaps its good to enumerate some of the things that women (in their hearts) always wish for…

1. to be herself
2. to be a good daughter
3. to be a good mother
4. to be respected
5. to be heard
6. to be free
7. to teach
8. to learn
9. to travel
10. to discover
11. to be productive
12. to be creative
13. to help
14. to share and exchange
15. to laugh/cry with her girlfriends
16. to play naughty and relax with her “guy friends”
15. to express her opinion
17. to be appreciated/accepted
18. to find her (life’s) purpose
19. to find her “partner”
20. to find her soul and spirit

So what do you want?

Cheers to the WOMEN OF THE WORLD who make life exciting and beautiful!

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