in my yearning
not to leave
in taking
a loving glance
of your face, your hair, your smile, your color

i felt a pinch
is it a cry? a longing?
have i found something?

well… in fact
i left my sunglasses

days passed
nights run
gold and silver alternate
but i am captive
of you


how can oneĀ fathom
such beauty
oh no, but such a word
do not suffice

one step greeted
rolling verdant hills
whisper the ocean’s ebb
unknown depth, at once inviting
then distant, unknown

skies embrace wind
in rhapsody
upon horizon show
waves kissing
the cliff’s waiting stones

alas! one soul is lucky
privileged just in here
such a world…

to the master behind such mystery, majesty that is Batanes… cheers!

conversations: indigo child and the principessa

…even you were together with us you were always alone.
…there was always something that we can’t enter.

i know all these about you but there was a mouth that never talked … in your head. a mouth that is locked.

that’s all there was, a great light in your eyes but a broken mirror at the same time which makes light less shine.

life is so poetic we need to know how to listen.

sometimes i think im a photographer or a video camera. that i was created just to observe and enjoy the moment in a distance. its strange … and its lonely out there.

there is no place in the world for secret rooms. open them and let them go. freedom is for people and in this life not in another.