on turtle’s wings i fly


curious like an indigo child



like a shaman

vast oceans to sail

universe wide to spread

these wings

spanning greater

the peakest of mountains

climbing high up

indeed, its a wonder

despite, here in my nest

safe and sound

i’d like to fly…

and i’ll never take my eyes off the sky!

2 Replies to “”

  1. my turtle, i want to fly and discover more of the world…i want to share with more people, my life that is so colorful – hues of gold, black, pink, green, blue, etc.i feel old because at such a young age, i have experienced many things but at the same time i feel young because of my hunger for more!i want to fly across the andes, the amazonia, the tufo dance land, and the country with fatos’ flag…i want to see the world… i want to see you all!


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