donald peters, the naughty don… who cooked SINILAGANG!

the american who speaks my language – even chatting with me in Filipino/Tagalog!

with all the e-mails he sent me the last ten months… its only now im beginning to realize how amusing he is…

he claims he liked me, the moment he saw my picture on the bus with Emilia, Oliverka and Marcelle, going to Questura (in Turin).

he promises to do the following when he comes here… (i wonder when rach? hehe…)

1. magsisibak ng kahoy
2. harana
3. mag-iigib ng tubig
4. samahan ako mamalengke
5. etc.

told him, these are the olden days. but what the heck? its funny and sweet…

and i enjoyed chat sessions with him lately…

yes, its almost a year… and now he’s a friend…


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