love your work

if you don’t like your work,
you’ll need three times the energy:
to force yourself to work,
to resist the force,
and finally to work.

if you love your work,
your desire to do it
will be like a wind
to propel your ship
with much less fuel.

if you like your work,
you work no more –
for work, when you like it,
is work no longer,
but sheer enjoyment!

if you enjoy your work,
you’ll work and work
without counting the hours –
and you’ll reap and enjoy
more earnings as well.

– H.L. Neri

i was early in the office of the Deputy Minister of Education (waiting for a meeting) and I saw this somewhat old poster in a glass frame… it hit me… because this has been always my principle…

i decided… that i want to try other things… i told Shaman that perhaps i reached the breakeven point…

but after UNESCO i should look for something… that i love…

then i dedicate myself to it… i sometimes think its gonna be difficult…

life is like this… there are crossroads…

and i have to go through these…

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