When you’ve reached the goal
you’ve chosen for yourself,
set your sights on an even higher objective.
And keep going.
When things have not worked out
the way you planned,
learn the valuable lessons
that the experience has to offer.
And keep going.
The key to meaningful achievement
is not in how clever you are
or how lucky you are
or in how much advantage you can gain over others.
The key is to keep going.
When other people give you encouragement,
insight and assistance,
thank them for their help while offering
your own special value in return.
And keep going.
When others seek to block your every effort,
raise yourself up to where you can clearly see
beyond their petty, shortsighted attempts.
And keep going.
Whatever may come or go
or happen or fail to happen,
there is always a way,
some way or another, to keep going.
You will get wherever you wish to go
when you consistently choose,
in each moment, to simply, thankfully
and gracefully keep going.
— Ralph Marston

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