free at last…

have you ever wondered how it feels
going out a winding dark tunnel?
after hundreth year, seeing that light, you shudder
enormous blend of emotions creep within
anticipation, relief, ecstasy, and fear.

have you imagined climbin’ a tree
going up, suspended mid-air?
bare hands and feet, your shot at safety
but, whew – at the top
sublime, pure breeze refreshes
embraces, enfolds you, heaven!

have you swum endless strokes
cruel waves pushin’ sidesweeping?
yet you came, steadily, strong against the current
you arrive, still in shape.

emerging from the dark,
conquering the heights, crossing the vast ocean
victory over these, what else?
glory, after a “doomed” ………………………………

– – –

3 years after…

i am free from these chains…
yet somehow, sometimes… a part of me feels the same
of different causes, reasons of course…

perhaps, in this life, we are also some kind of prisoners…
bounded by the “world” we live in…
binded by our loves, our hopes and aspirations…

chained by our fears…
we are held…
and somehow… we miss out many things…

the simple joys, those joys which are of no value
simply because they are priceless…

i long to fly like a bird…
swim like a baby just born
just trusting… strong and abandoned…


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