what if i become a HERMIT? will that make me happy?
will that fulfill all my heart’s longings?

today riding the TAXI (cab for some)
this thought suddenly snapped

maybe the reason why i cant seem
to feel happiness is because

of the many worries that…
comes with living day to day…

the material things… you have to think of… (what shall i eat?, what shall i wear?)
those activities you want to engage in… (movies… dinner… coffee…?)

what if i get stuck in Batanes?
in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and South China sea?

what if i just look out there from the cliff?
breathtaking view…. the waves inviting
the clouds smiling…
the sun mischievously picking behind them

ahhh… perhaps, i can live a millennium
just frozen… in this beauty…

i will never have to eat… or move…
(or shower… toothbrush is immaterial!)

i only need my pen… and my pad paper…

(Immanuel Kant? is this moral or immoral? what is your categorical imperative on this one?)


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