fatos, come to think of it… i was able to meet a real princes in my lifetime…

i met the niece of the Sultan of Jogyakarta, Indonesia when i was there about a week ago. she even assisted me when it was time for shopping for some souvenirs.

nothing… i just remembered you again. you have always called me princess… and if being a princess means being modest, humble and giving like Princess Inung… then i accept it.

selamat datang… Indonesia

sambal (spicy sauce)

the tileroofs

packets of green in the city

ayam goreng (friend chicken)

gurame goreng (fried gurame)

gado-gado (vegetables in peanut sauce)

durian ice cream (ask PS how it tastes)

Borobudur man



Taman Sari

Sultan’s Palace

Inung, the Sultan’s niece

Sate Senayan

Sari Kuring…

SMKN 27 (and the English teacher from Paraguay)



Sultan Hotel (former Hilton)

busy flight…

first adobo on boardPAL

Filipino-Chinese businessmen in Indonesia

Vietnam (Hue and Da Nang) featured in Mabuhay magazine

Armenia-France Relations

Writers/French authors (LABEL magazine October 2006)

French Research Center in Israel

i feel that i could cry right now, but i have no tears

oh, probably i also finished my tears. no tears could flow from my eyes but the more painful are the tears i feel in my heart

no way to go out…

its just trapped there… and its painful… really heavy

it was so confusse for me, as if I had in drugs… i couldn t feel the time that day, everything was so intensive, till I arrive dto toulouse, then after some 3 more hours of talking with my sister…

I arrived to her Cahor’s home… after dinner and all of that, I finally reached the bed… alone, terribly alone, in a room.

then, I sat in the bed, tired of all that intensive day….

i toke out our class picture from my bag, i put it in the floor… then I started to cry…. I realized then that everything was over.

that was one of the most terrible feeling moments in my life. I felt very empty.

i only remember that they, as they stayed one more day at campus, they felt the spaces so empty of life.

Here comes the clown
His face is a wall
No window
No air at aall
In the dark of the night
Those faces they haunt me
But I wish you were
So close to me
By my side