it was so confusse for me, as if I had in drugs… i couldn t feel the time that day, everything was so intensive, till I arrive dto toulouse, then after some 3 more hours of talking with my sister…

I arrived to her Cahor’s home… after dinner and all of that, I finally reached the bed… alone, terribly alone, in a room.

then, I sat in the bed, tired of all that intensive day….

i toke out our class picture from my bag, i put it in the floor… then I started to cry…. I realized then that everything was over.

that was one of the most terrible feeling moments in my life. I felt very empty.

i only remember that they, as they stayed one more day at campus, they felt the spaces so empty of life.

Here comes the clown
His face is a wall
No window
No air at aall
In the dark of the night
Those faces they haunt me
But I wish you were
So close to me
By my side


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