yoshi the chef?

why not?


i just have to try the recipe of this man… met him via CS. and though he spent only a few days in Manila, i can say he is truly an interesting guy…

asked me a few questions like…

for a country that speaks English that much… why Philippines stay undeveloped? are the people receiving enough incentives to work hard?

had some interesting statements such as…

i only met successful people here in Manila

the TRAVEL and LIVING show on the cable channel only shows the nice things about traveling… (which i think is quite right)

i remember walking the streets of Malate for the first time (with him) looking for the FRIENDLY’s hostel and a place to have some food (and drinks) just to end up in Saguijos. twas also the first time for me to sit and people watch at the Liwasang Bonifacio…

he has been travelling for quite some time and i truly felt the wisdom of this man…. as he said he worked hard in America to afford the tickets coz its his “education”.

i think its refreshing to have met him really… read on his note…

I will be going to a changed home in about three weeks. I will still know and recognize people on the streets, they miss me and I miss them. The little changes will be a killer, I believe the trend of the new polished looking businesses that offer a half assed service (food, show, etc.) has continued, and I would love to be proven wrong. My generation has grown older and does not do the things I used to do any more. And I have changed. I do not talk or walk in the same way I used to. It will all go well because I do not have a different country to call home and never will unless there will be a very extreme circumstance (I know of a guy who married a Malaysian wife, and Israel did not let her in. Now he lives in Taiwan). And I will make good out of it.

they say people falling in line for a ride in amusement parks are crazy. they wait several hours just to experience a 5 minute ride. but actually, they are not. coz they dont mind waiting. they look for happiness though they know that it takes time.

i think life should be a balance between choices/decisions and “que sera, que sera”. the best part is knowing that we did our best in anything – in love, in work, in life… that we did our best although it may not be the “best, best”.

after that, we let fate and destiny take its course. i mean sure… we will wish and pray for our desires and hopes but we know that we cannot have all the A cards for ourselves.

i was young, very very young.

but i liked you

i was optimistic. you have bigger heart

i had a lonely and big heart

thought mine is bigger than anyone.

yes, this is true until now. how very strange that nothing has changed after a few years

i had so many time frustrated big this big heart, so closed it. i am about MAN in broad sense. doesnt’ matter girl or boy. not easy to have big heart _ _ _ _ _

what is your definition of a big heart? how is your heart now?

may i say what the definition of BIG HEART by others?

BIG HEART means, you are weak… emotional, close to kinds one… you are not acocuntable… you are talking a lot about your secrets you trust others as the last stupid one, after you will have problem from your trust

you are open to everyone but when they look at your heart they never washing their hands before. after BIG HEARTED one staring not to trust, not to love, not to open him/herself. they are not clean with their intention when talking/treating you.or they are not as open, as trusty as nice as … you.

BIG HEARTED one is easy cake. but this is in short distance, marathon

In long term BIG HEARTED one is more “practical/pragmatic”, hence they know that life is marathon big not sprinter distance

at the end of the life i will think that i trusted+helped+supported+understand+shared” many ones issue. i will go back home with smile.

how about one who always were opposite the BIG HEARTED one? Do they able to bring back home every thing or emotions and memories only? for me the richness is now memory, 1000000000 people I will met in my life and their smile.

(you are talking so complex things but which i believe are very true)

okey beauty… you are constant in everything, so you are not “fake” emotioned one. you are also trusted one here

Why do you refuse the term “happiness”?

That’s because I think that happiness is not a value. I think it’s like a Sunday afternoon – something finally quite boring. What I want in my life is adventure, taking risks, confronting myself with obstacles and feeling alive. -Paulo Coelho

read it yesterday… could it be true?