they say people falling in line for a ride in amusement parks are crazy. they wait several hours just to experience a 5 minute ride. but actually, they are not. coz they dont mind waiting. they look for happiness though they know that it takes time.

i think life should be a balance between choices/decisions and “que sera, que sera”. the best part is knowing that we did our best in anything – in love, in work, in life… that we did our best although it may not be the “best, best”.

after that, we let fate and destiny take its course. i mean sure… we will wish and pray for our desires and hopes but we know that we cannot have all the A cards for ourselves.


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  1. Hola Helen:) Maybe this sounds strange, but I wonder if the hours of waiting in line for those amusement park rides can in their own way be equally pleasurable – is the anticipation of happiness as good as, or better than, happiness itself? Maybe if I feel like that it shows I am incapable of enjoying myself…BTW, I like your pictures from Indonesia…Can’t wait to travel to South East Asia.Best, Jon


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