Be your own person. Never let the goings on outside change or influence you, if the inner self is not convinced to do so.

Be independent without being aloof or “alien”.

Learn to communicate, and never be afraid to express yourself.

Be helpful and courteous.

Always check your self-respect in whatever you think, say or do.

Respect others the way you want to be respected.

Take a few minutes off to reflect and ponder the many little things in life often taken for granted like good food, good music, good conversations over a cup of coffee, etc.

Never loose the seeds of hope and faith in your heart.

Smile and laugh, and eat!

Spend time with the persons you love.

Look at the night sky and gather some fresh air, once in a while.

Enjoy and go out to unwind but be responsible to look after yourself, after all you’ll be better off without unnecessary worries. Simply said, have clean fun!

Never harm and deliberately cause pain to others. And just in case, do not allow pride get in the way of repairing damages done.

Never abuse and use people for your own good and interests.

Know and accept who you are and be the best of whatever you can be!

Love and inspire people as much as you can!

Be true and fair in all circumstances.

Remember that real happiness comes with clear conscience and a healthy sense of meaning and fulfillment.

Read good books and learn from experience!

Never be afraid to stand for what you believe is right. Fight for the truth and you gain dignity.

Humility is the key to greatness.

Be a healthy receiver of criticisms for oftentimes we fail to see ourselves objectively.

Remember that the BIG GUY is looking after you. He knows every little fear, hope, pain, and happiness in your heart.

– Whew, I wrote these a few years ago… I cannot really remember when but i sure sound a little more preachy here. I have always been idealistic I think. But now I ask myself, is this still what I feel? I guess, most of it yes. But I myself still find it difficult to survive in this world of complexities even I have these survival thoughts…

And so perhaps now, it will not be as easy for me to recommend these things to people I meet… but ok, this is here… and maybe it can help…

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