discoveries while home…

Charles really eats a lot! and likes to give many alibis when asked to read… yet he can read and great with numbers!

My sister is really great in choosing gifts for kids ;-)));

Bagoong Club Resto (Sacred Heart, Quezon City, +632 929-0544; 929-5450; – its really great with its very homey feeling and the good food and very personalized service. As I said like a 5 star hotel. You are given customized attention ;-)));

Meryll Streep is fabulous with her high jump antics on Mama Mia;

Helen is a strong storm;

Found a cozy cafe (with wi-fi) in Antipolo called Espresso Excelso and its really great!

The theme of the Dark Knight is so similar to the dilemna faced by most policy makers – then the State of the Nation Address (SONA) by GMA!;

I missed Filipino telenovelas;

I really miss phinesfreak and van dam! of course i miss orleans too…


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  1. Yup Charles really eats a lot! Hey, I hope you’ll get to use the (just-in-time) notebook soon. I wasn’t looking for papemelroti that time when God guided my feet in front of the store. And I wasn’t sure if your bus was still there..Anyway, I decided to grab the notebook and good thing there wasn’t any queue. And lo and behold, I got the notebook to you in time. 🙂 I’m gonna miss you. 🙂


  2. oh nikki! i was really surprised when you just waved at me in there! and the message of the notebook – how appropriate as i’d be traversing new roads. im missing you!congratulations on your blog! keep going!


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