are birds really free?

as we were having lunch at the Arts (a favorite, loads of people there!), heavy rain poured. we were thinking, hhhmmmm… its gonna be free afternoon ;-))) we were thinking to order some coffeee or tea after lunch was finished…

then the bird flew in on one of the tables. and Nao said, huh, they can fly with wet wings or something to this effect (perhaps I misunderstood her). but then I, instead wondered if birds are really free?

we do think of birds as free – as symbols of freedom – spread your wings and fly – is a quote borrowed a thousandth time. and even the rain, they can fly through the rain while we were stock there wonderin, strategizin, how to go back to office.

what could be the limits of a bird’s freedom? or is there such? yeah, thinking hard and i dont know why…

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