“all art has been contemporary” perhaps one of the most memorable lines from my habibi off Isla del Sol…

and he is right. many artists when they start to express themselves automatically becomes contemporary artists and it’s not easy to go through the process.

i am among those who never quite understand sometimes contemporary arts. offhand, the impression is that it’s quite chaotic and you get the feeling that you are lost trying to understand what it means…

however, after having been exposed to some colleagues in the art and culture sector and exchanging opinions and asking quite stupid questions… i am now convinced that the overall relevance of an artistic product of a specific period (contemporary) is how it reflects the realities of that specific time or era… it serves as a mirror from which you can see what is happening around – whether fancy, depressing, colossal, etc. and i should say that most of these are raw channels…

i guess this is the context from which we can view contemporary arts… perhaps the key is to try to have a dialogue and a disposition of openness and somehow, maybe contextualise…


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