flashes, sporadic thinking…

having to share the burden of strategic planning and thinking/rethinking of people concerns, i had a lot of headache for the last 48 hours or so. its daunting, it is…

then i remember motivation and rewards, groupthink, communication and organizational change lectures. oh i wish you were here Jak to help us figure out these things. or perhaps the bough tie man has the same thinking just bounded by other things…


just a moment ago, going through some papers (pseudo clutter) at beaverloft, i found a piece of paper saying:

“Presumably the change agent is motivated by a desire to help other people. But, why does he want to help them? Is he genuinely interested in their welfare? Or – and this is sometimes the case – does he enjoy giving help solely because it inspires feelings of power, assurance, or self-righteousness in him? Usually of course, motivation is complex and involves both altruism and self-interest. This is not bad in itself. The danger comes at the point where the change agent is so busy creating a situation which will satisfy his own needs that he is unable to respond to the needs of the client system. When this happens, his help may actually be a hindrance.”

– G. Lippitt

change that we need?

let me outrightly say that i was moved by the “Obama story,” well as of today at least. I’ve watched a number of videos, speeches; read a few articles and interviews, etc; and well, i waited for his Inauguration speech and got a headache the following morning. In short, I love the President’s Persona and the ideals he stand for (at least the soundbytes that I have got).

I was moved by his speech reading it again this morning when I took a few minutes break from working. I would say that I am one of those rooting for him, for his O’ Administration and for the renewed America that he proposes. Hopefully with his team of astute technocrats and the support of America’s bureaucrats, he’d be able to turn around the America that we admire and prove once again the values it stand for works, in Obama’s words — honesty and hard work, courage and fair play, tolerance and curiosity, loyalty.

And these same values are held true by many peoples and nations around the world, that is why perhaps, at least half of the world’s population is watching the other day…

Obama’s Inauguration Speech

Obama’s inauguration poem by Elizabeth Alexander