flashes, sporadic thinking…

having to share the burden of strategic planning and thinking/rethinking of people concerns, i had a lot of headache for the last 48 hours or so. its daunting, it is…

then i remember motivation and rewards, groupthink, communication and organizational change lectures. oh i wish you were here Jak to help us figure out these things. or perhaps the bough tie man has the same thinking just bounded by other things…


just a moment ago, going through some papers (pseudo clutter) at beaverloft, i found a piece of paper saying:

“Presumably the change agent is motivated by a desire to help other people. But, why does he want to help them? Is he genuinely interested in their welfare? Or – and this is sometimes the case – does he enjoy giving help solely because it inspires feelings of power, assurance, or self-righteousness in him? Usually of course, motivation is complex and involves both altruism and self-interest. This is not bad in itself. The danger comes at the point where the change agent is so busy creating a situation which will satisfy his own needs that he is unable to respond to the needs of the client system. When this happens, his help may actually be a hindrance.”

– G. Lippitt


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