Culture 101

coming from the pantry after pouring my cup with water, i was surprised to see a piece of paper on my desk. hhhhmmm… i saw the word Culture on top and so I approached Katelijn to know what it was all about. she smiled and said no its your neighbor…

walked back to my desk and a little while later i asked Ana, is this survey yours and i asked if she is doing a paper or something (she is really into research and stuff)? she said, no, its just for your own.

and so one by one i answered the questions and well, it was an interesting exercise. the curious thing is when i compared answers with Edwige and Katelijn, somehow there are similarities. ok differences, that is normal. but its amazing actually when we try to figure out why we answered differently. it’s because a few times, we understood the question in a different sense.

Ah, a lesson in culture. can it be learned? define culture…

muse/s for the day

shadows horizon
by Illac Diaz
Raza, February 2009

jelly fishes clinging to the leaves or stars turned white descended?
by Najwa Fathimath
Beijing, February 2009

yellow flowers-foggy building
by Patrick Kassmann

Macau, February 2009

by JoeSardz
Antipolo City, undated

Yes these works of art are not mine, but hey, I named these photos according to how they inspired me 😉 it’s amazing how works of art can stir some emotions/inspiration. a welcome break from work indeed.


i had a nice dinner on Sunday at BBQ pit #3 courtesy of a vivacious, funny, sweet Lebanese friend. and oh she has a sister who is even sexier (yes she is, sorry dear friend :-), i just find artists really with their creative imagination and different way of looking at things.

what a pleasant surprise then that the toilet break we had became a little screening: NO TIME.

“when we sleep we escape, we escape from time. when we take a still photo we freeze
time. when we orgasm time stops. time runs very fast and the only way to freeze it is
by sleep, cameras and orgasm.”

– Carine Koleilat