ode to my family…

home is where the heart is… as the saying goes…

thinking about it, I now realize i have several homes. it s possible, yes. and i myself is stunned by this realization. i have home in the tropical islands, in the little red dot, in the north americas and now i even have my heart in The Queen’s land.

my home… – with them i dont have to speak, just be there and still know that im loved and accepted. my mom never stops worrying about me, my sister looks after me, father watches over in another sphere and my brother, its a love and hate relationship (my quirkiness i guess) …

how i’d describe my family? quite modern yet still conservative (reason why we rarely discuss really personal details about ourselves, unless necessary and called for). now, i am learning to be more vocal, more open…

we were raised to work hard and be self-sufficient. and so the basic principle is “do your thing, but be sure to take responsibility.” there are good and bad sides to this principle but whatever comes, we stand close to each other. this is true that is why it is home.

home also means – location and time is immaterial. for years now, i have been living in different cities, flats – moving about, meeting new people, new friends, new acquaintances. it’s nice and it makes one realize how friendships, relationships cross geographical, cultural boundaries. but at the end of the day, and after all the wheels and drive of these encounters start to fade away… home is where you find solace, comfort like curling up in the sheets as you sleep.

2 Replies to “ode to my family…”

  1. Yup, I agree, there’s no place like home. It need not be a specific geographical location but a collection of people who saw you grow up, stumble and get up.



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