Quest-ce que c`est l`amour?

Love is science, love is white magic, love is balladry, love is doggerel, love is doo-wop-wop-wop, love is a myth, love is ambiguity, love is the letter of the law, love is food, love is sophistry, love is subject predicate and object, love is the gulf of the incommunicable, love is a physical sensation, love is a social utopia, love is revolution, love is servitude, love is a marketing tool, love is torture, love is a colour, love is silence, love is white noise, love is the part of someone that doesn`t exist but that you can see, love is salvation, love is a trick of the light, love is hydraulics, love is the celestial abode, love is pretending, love is sickness, love is medicine, love is an armistice between warriors, love is a word I wish I`d once not used, love is like riding a bicycle and love is art. Did I leave out anything?

– J.B., 30 may 2007

flying around a cathedral

it’s been a while since i had a very coherent dream. many of the past ones are just images or scenes that flash in no particular flow or rationale. and then a few days ago there was the flying classroom!

we were touring an old cathedral – huge one. it was an upside down classroom with tables and chairs and students. there was someone blaberring about a “stained glass window art” – explaining what it was. at the side of my eyes, i see many of such and the plan was to fly the students to each of them.

when the flying classroom geared towards the next stained glass, something fell in the water! and those were mine! i shouted “stop” to the flying classroom (there was no captain or whatsoever but it stopped) and then i picked up the two little notebooks i have in the water (i couldnt place which part of the cathedral the fountain was located and actually before the notebooks fell, it was not part of the vision of the place).

and then when i was coming back to my place, i saw someone occupying my seat (he was a classmate from my old school in the province). strange since i remember he was always sitting on that spot. where could have i been all along since the journey to the cathedral started?