was i surprised to meet a friend of a friend who actually revels in being a “rock star” when welcomed to new places?! that kind of attention, of people prying on you. such curiosity that is weighed down by the color of the skin, eyes, hair, one’s might, height or anything strikingly uncharacteristic of the locals. and for sure, many of my “white” friends complain that people always suspect of their purse’ rosy, fatsy status.

certainly, i never enjoyed such. going to some place unknown makes me free (or gives me such an illusion). it’s a break, a getaway, a solace… not just from the hassles of the city but even perhaps from the trappings of my own self… in an alien place, i’m kind of reborn – entering a kind of tabula rasa state. bliss, yes! and then all images come clearer – hues, sound and scent more vivid.

i love the feeling of walking in the sidewalks knowing that nobody will ever call your name, to be lost in a market scene, to get lost in bus or train rides and not be bothered by the time clicking. most of all, to be met by random smiles, raw kindness from completely alien people as you are.

So why do you travel?