memories and amnesia…

“memories are alive”… funny but this phrase just popped up again after well – 4 years and i am transported back to Turin times, again as i remember a famous line from gora.

back to the present… its one of the striking lines from a movie last Wednesday called Waltz with Bashir. the last i think of the Animation Nation 2009 (a pity!). the movie was ironic, heartbreaking and artistically done. the rock soundtrack is fantastic, funny in a dark way, as you see the brutality and stupidity of the raids and air strikes.

and then there were these other images –

looking at violence and war through “a lens” because there is no other way to look, participate and experience it without being broken, torn apart. the metaphor is as much interesting as is the symbolical meaning it connotes – that this lens is a kind of an adoptive mechanism of the subconscious. perhaps this has been studied many times in the psychological field. (i don’t know… i should read about it)

firing a gun in a state of trance…

5 or 6 people shooting like mad on a car…

hearing rock and roll music onboard a battle tank and just suddenly seeing the head of your buddy knocked down (and later realising its bullet from somewhere, anywhere)…


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