have to pick up…

yes, i have to pick up on many things. this weekend was quite productive. i got to catch up with myself, watched some travel and cooking programs on TLC, watched a movie, found a duck place, got together with wiki and youtube, etc. its great to have a 3-day weekend!

talk to you soon kuya charles šŸ™‚

spring of absurdity


  • crossing the streets of berlin allows you only about 7 secs versus about 20 on toh guan road. now i pay so much attention to the seconds ticking while crossing streets!
  • there is a vegetarian kebab –Ā we learned this the hard way in berlin šŸ˜¦
  • gebraten or gebraken? i was ordering grilledĀ chickenĀ at thisĀ thai resto along Oranienburger StraƟe and ended up with breaded chicken cutlet. hhhmmm… what’s wrong with our german-english dictionary?
  • english is not necessary for a hotel receptionistĀ in an international city!
  • at a time of panic such as the ash clouds, we thought the services sector would rise to the challenge. we were proven wrong courtesy of a not so nice lady at the central train station.

i remember najwa always mention murphy’s law and sure, i only realise this in april 2010. thankful JB is around to hold my hand.