good for 3 flights

still i Q’d, but now that i’m home (and more level headed), i could say that i was still satisfied with the service i got from the embassy:

1. i’ve got my OWWA membership renewed (with not much questions);

2. i’ve got 3 OECs (t’was a bit annoying to request for the multiple OEC, but i prevailed 😉

and most of all

3. i was welcomed by the new look of the embassy premises

i don’t know if that was a new building. i’m not a construction expert to determine if they could have a new one in about 8 months (the last time i was there was in October 2010 for the renewal of my passport). nevertheless, it was great! the windows, the number notices (i don’t know the name of the thing), the waiting tables/chairs, the entrance, are quite decent. so much different from the last time i was there! see the few photos pls (thanks google images)

surely, there are still some improvements to be done (i.e. electronic OEC application/request as well as payment by NETS or card). but for the time being – i feel good and ‘dignified’ with the gradual improvements.

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