Brush with cultures

Life is a journey of finding answers to many questions. We may not live long enough to get the answers, and this really is a mystery. However, the rewards are the little things we stumble upon when we keep going, despite the twists and turns, the bumpy roads sans streetlights. These are the diamonds (of wisdom, grace and special people) we can choose to pick along the way… Life’s journey is a joy, never a bore.

– Helen, Torino, 2005

In 2005, I went to Italy to attend ITCILO’s Cultural Projects for Development program. There, I discovered not only economic terms such as willingness to pay, competitive advantage, clusters, project management, etc. More importantly, I began to truly appreciate the richness of conversations  with peoples from different backgrounds, cultures and point of views. I learned of Portunol, and even memorized Brazilian songs!

Inspired by such experiences, I rediscovered writing. I scribbled essays and verses on table napkins, scratch papers, print papers. On the way back to Manila, I had with me a manuscript with enough pieces to create the “Weekendlazy” blog.

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