Oh SQ!

Is it ever possible to miss an airline? Oh yes, it is!

5 years and I am flying SQ again. It’s the simple details that matter – the warm smile of the attendants, the famous Kebaya terno of the female attendants, the warm towel, the footrest that I swear does something to make the flight pleasant. Of course, Krisworld is there and they’ve refreshed the safety infomercial – changed backdrop from the conventional plane interior into real life scenarios.

Ah yes, it is SQ!

Traveling is…

  • discovering a new place by going there
  • rediscovering a place and its new nooks and crannies
  • reading a book that brings one to a different place and/or time
  • finding random things that spurs curiosity and imagination
  • listening to stories of other people’s journeys and adventures