My, our Glencairn

Been coming and going through this subway station last 18 months but only yesterday I noticed… 🙂


Oh SQ!

Is it ever possible to miss an airline? Oh yes, it is!

5 years and I am flying SQ again. It’s the simple details that matter – the warm smile of the attendants, the famous Kebaya terno of the female attendants, the warm towel, the footrest that I swear does something to make the flight pleasant. Of course, Krisworld is there and they’ve refreshed the safety infomercial – changed backdrop from the conventional plane interior into real life scenarios.

Ah yes, it is SQ!

TTC Museum Station

Today, Mama’s first weekend in Toronto, we were introduced to Museum station 🙂

At the YorkU Subway Station

Finally, the YorkU subway is open! No more lining up for bus 196 for 15 mins or more. Love it!

Traveling is…

  • discovering a new place by going there
  • rediscovering a place and its new nooks and crannies
  • reading a book that brings one to a different place and/or time
  • finding random things that spurs curiosity and imagination
  • listening to stories of other people’s journeys and adventures